Image and video hosting by TinyPic Piccolo specializes in space planning, design and installation of
multi-faceted projects for a variety of residential and commercial clients.

Our clientèle include: hotels, hospitality installations, financial
institutions as well as corporate facilities and luxury homes.

Landscape Design :
A striking landscape is a real work of art, sculpted from the ground up. The designers at Piccolo know just where to place every plant for the maximum effect. The mixture and massing of the proper plant material for your site, combined with a blending of colors and textures, will create an incredible masterwork of your yard. Let one of Piccolos’ experienced and professional designers, meet with you personally, to create a beautiful and prestigious landscape that is sure to stand out in your neighborhood. It can include unique water features and brickwork as well as high-quality trees, shrubs and flowers. You will be presented with your own copy of Piccolos’ professional landscape drawings. Clients are amazed and pleased with Piccolo Designers from their first free design consultation to the final, stunning product. Their courteous and experienced staff takes care to install your landscape with pride and professionalism.

Interior Design :
We concentrate on space planning, practicality, function, authentic detailing, quality and aesthetics. We like our clients to think of us as their interior architects. Piccolo has developed a one stop shop approach which is ideally suited for clients who have busy schedules and would rather deal with one organization as opposed to dealing with several. An added benefit to this business arrangement is that we are able to design with an actual working budget in mind, thus eliminating costly sudden surprises. Another goal of Piccolo Designers is to create truly noteworthy interiors that bear our clients' signature; not our own. When clients provide us with a clipping from a magazine or refer to pages in a book, we don’t simply reproduce what they show us. We take the time to analyze the photographs with our clients and gain an understanding as to what motivated them to show it to us. Through this exercise we are able to discover what draws or appeals to our clients' interest. Often our clients are surprised when they realize that it was not the particular stone floor they were drawn to; but the way the light reflected off the floor. Interior Design is a commitment to getting in touch with yourself so that your environment reflects your style, individuality and personality. At Piccolo we pride ourselves on being true interior designers who guide you and make the process enjoyable.