About Us

The Zamani Family began their adventure into the flower business upon migrating to the United States in 1978. Our father decided to open a business hoping to support our family and create a strong foundation for our families' new life in the states.

Flowers became a part of the picture as my father tried to bring a little bit of home to the Americas for my mother. Our mothers love for flowers was redirected in to the flower shop-where she was able continue caring for her flowers and plants as she did back at home, while creating beautiful artistic designs that have evolved through the years-while maintaining Fay's personal, classic touch.

Our first florist opened in Hollywood, California in 1978. We catered to the Silver screens best. Our flower designs frequented the homes of Movies stars such as Lucille Ball, Gregory Peck, and Robert Wagner throughout the years as do several other stars today.

After being located in Hollywood for several years our family decided to relocate to the Historic Huntington Hotel and Spa in Pasadena, California. Our current location was founded by Dean Zamani. Dean's artistic abilities and spirited creations fused with Zamani tradition has allowed Piccolo to flourish into the florist it is today.

Dean Zamani is the President and CEO of Piccolo Designs. It is Dean's eclectic vision and limitless imagination that has provided Piccolo with its' second to none quality and it's nationally acclaimed designs.

Dean is a Master of the Arts and has over 15 years of Design experience. He is today’s Designer in demand. His "we can do anything" approach allows clients to feel comfortable and secure in providing him with a dream-and allowing him to make that vision a reality.

Like an exotic flower Piccolo has been a blooming and growing presence since 1989.

Our vibrant and welcoming store overflows with eclectic gifts, rare flowers from abroad, and rare plants that are living testimonies to the wonders of nature.

The artistic designs captured in our floral displays are unlike any other. We are artful and organic embracing all the beauty provided to us with the coming of every season.

"A Piccolo" is not a gift-it is an unforgettable experience.